Cleaning up the laundry industry: The story of Oxwash

The tech

The company’s technology reclaims sterile water from a wash for use in the next cycle, reducing water consumption by up to 60% and saving on average 25.5l per wash. Microfibre filtration of the water captures 95% of the fibres shed during washing, preventing plastic pollution. The company uses ozone generated from the air to disinfect and sanitise the laundry. Automated and variable dosing of biodegradable detergent chemistry prevents overuse of chemicals.

Cleaning up

Oxwash’s initial traction has been strong, but when the Covid-19 outbreak threatened to scupper its business, the team spotted an opportunity to begin working with healthcare providers. The need to rapidly scale up in preparation for the first wave of coronavirus cases meant primary care providers were more open to new providers. As a result, Oxwash faced less red tape to become a supplier. Ordinarily, commercial laundries must have operated for more than two years before they can gain accreditation for healthcare work, but the NHS waived this requirement for Oxwash. The company is now cleaning the scrubs and uniforms used in the Oxford University Covid-19 vaccine trial.



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